I am very honored that AFK Studios, a venture I began in 2014 along my talented co-founders Rahul Khurana and Kathleen Yin, has been selected as one of The Feast's 15 Initiatives to Watch in 2015.

This is no small thing.

The Feast is a global network of innovators working to change the world, and to be chosen as one of its 15 "most remarkable projects that are creating the future we want to see", serving as an example of social innovation for the community to rally behind, is humbling.

These days, games often grab attention simply for the breathtaking visuals they include, the vast sums of money spent on development, or sometimes, the sheer hype that they generate, but very little heed is paid to things like serious games, games meant to inform, teach, and bring social good.

The reason for this? Most of these games either aren't very fun or aren't distributed to a large audience, so what they can is widely overlooked in favor of the glitter and glam of the industry at large.

As a designer, I've long believed that games can be powerful avenues for engagement and learning - I've even done some research on this and have published a paper or two on the topic - but I also believe that first and foremost, games need to be fun.

AFK Studios was born out of this - the desire to change the world through games - while also aiming to do something even more ambitious: changing games, one world at a time.