USC SL Gateway





USC eLand was designed to meet three main goals:

1. To serve as a common access location for Second Life assets of the University of Southern California

2. To foster interest in the possibilities of virtual worlds and creative experimentation among faculty and staff, by providing a location, resources, and personnel to facilitate projects

3. To serve as recruitment tool and a destination for prospective and current students

However, beyond being just a crossroads in SL, where traffic passes through to other locales, the USC Gateway should be a destination in and of itself, where discussion and exploration might occur. With this in mind, any build should be immersive and interactive, containing unique elements that set it apart from other sims extant in Second Life.

Dragon by Helix Tower

The USC Gateway was not just a crossroad in the virtual world, but a destination of its own, featuring experiments in reflexive architecture, student design projects, and more

Seadrykes by Night

The isle was a different place by day and night. By day, the designs caught the ambient light and refracted it - by night, it produced an eerie phosphorescence

Lily Pond

Of course, in virtual worlds, one can do what is not possible in real life, and so this pond is also a gateway to a virtual classroom beneath the surface, blocking out ambient noise

Grove (at Dawn)

One of the other design considerations was the need for deliberate green space, as Los Angeles itself lacked much of that