Time Bandit





A submission for the Philadelphia Museum of Art Hackathon 2.0

In “Time Bandit,” museum visitors are on a mission: to travel through time as they search for pieces from the permanent collection. Visitors may choose to play as a notorious thief-for-hire working for an evil genius going by the pseudonym Clementine, or as a detective with the Philadelphia Intertime Task Force assigned to catch this rogue—or stop these heists before they occur. Using Augmented Reality, visitors search out and "snatch" or "save" pieces they find after unraveling cryptic clues from Clementine or the Task Force, discovering movements that have shaped the course of history.

Project was created in Unity.

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Balsamiq mockup - home screen

Early concept for the home screen. Created in Balsamiq

Cleaned Up Sketch

Simpler Concept for Home Screen