The PTSD Toolkit for Nurses





In the United States, there are more than 3 million registered nurses that work in the community and in hospitals. By virtue of the large numbers of RNs and their presence in common community settings, military members and their families can receive timely access to self-care and help from RNs.

As part of the national Joining Forces initiative to improve nurse competency in screening and intervening with PTSD in military members, the American Nurses' Foundation has worked with a team from Penn Nursing to develop an interactive, PTSD-focused website, designed to teach nurses best practices for treating veterans with PTSD.

To be featured at the 2014 Eastern Nursing Research Society Conference

Virtual Patient List

Each Patient has a different scenario, with difficulty increasing as one progresses from 1 to 3.


Users have a choice between one of three conversation options, which affects the mood meter. There is a best answer, a somewhat correct answer, and an incorrect answer - but which is which is not always apparent at first glance.

After Action Report

Summarizing the user's results - which answer was chosen for each question, the explanation for why that was correct - or incorrect - and the total score (80%+ required to pass and claim continuing education credit)