Student Game Projects





Projects worked on as part of the Interactive Media program at USC.

These include:

Cante Florezca! (Sound Designer/Composer, Fall 2007) The music-puzzle game that grows on you, Cante Florezca is a student game produced in Torque Game Builder for PC. As the opening day for his gallery comes closer, an uninspired artist needs a masterpiece. Nurture his musical plants as they act as a muse that will inspire brilliance just in time for the gallery opening.

Tong Hua (UI Designer/Graphics, Fall 2008) - This edutainment PC game teaches the Chinese language through puzzles. As the author of a child’s storybook, you break down and recombine Chinese characters to magically transform words into a vibrant storybook world full of living characters. Your mouse clicks create the world while you explore the true meaning behind characters to gain an introductory understanding of the Chinese language.

Cante, Florezca

The featured plant is the centerpiece to the musical puzzle, with each flower type producing a different note. One creates music by pruning and growing the plant

Looking at Plant

There are only three days left before a gallery opening, and Picasso lacks inspiration. Not even the sight of his favorite plant helps...but if it were to sing?

Control Scheme

Right-click to cut apart words, left click to pick up and drop.

Dark Moon

Notice that the character for "bright" is missing from he moon.

Cutting the Light

So, we cut the words for "bright moon" from the lantern...

Dark Lantern so. And the lantern goes dark.

Repaired Moon

We pick up the character and drag it to the moon, where it lights up on mouse over.


And by left-clicking, we drop the "bright moon" character on the moon, altering the world through playing with words.