Rivenscryr Project





An experiential analysis of Shakespeare’'s "The Tempest", produced for the Honors in Multimedia Scholarship Program. The name combines the word “riven,” which means broken and “scry vision - playing on the argument that a story is not complete without its context - that each reading or performance is thus an incomplete or "broken" one.

Unlike other interpretations of The Tempest, this project has Sycorax, the mother of Caliban as its focus, a character who is dead at the time of the play’'s beginning, but whose presence lingers in the memories of the other characters, as Shakespeare's characters do in our memories today.

In this project, I argue that Sycorax represents a history of silenced female characters, and here create what is invisible in the play.

Ground Level

The entry point to the Rivenscryr Project, featuring a field of grass, from which the great dome rises...

Interactive Fountain

Butterflies surrounding the fountain emit and recombine poetry concerning the characters of the tempest, so one never has the same experience twice.

Floating Isle

A second copy of the Florentine dome floating in the sky, several hundred meters above the ground (out of sight)


The transposition area, where one recieves a copy of the text and is teleported to a higher isle.

Distorted Crystal

Inside the skydome - the warped scrying apparatus

Hidden Chamber

The vault of knowledge at journey's end, containing the lexia written for the project - including enough in the way of essays to suit a thesis.

The Tempest

And a copy of "The Tempest" in Second Life, with turnable pages (see also the closed book on the picture above)