On Fulbright, GDC, and Community

In the modern age - the age where virtual and real have become one - it is important to be connected to the world around you, but also to understand the many wo… more

Pruning & the Art of Design

Game design isn’t – and shouldn’t be – about finding ways to present players with walls of text in tired, old ways. At its heart, its about building a world and… more

Reflections on E3

It's been a long time since my last E3, or even the E for All Expo, when it existed as an offshoot of the main conference (both of which I have to thank Indieca… more

Journey to the West

Creative Lead, 2013-2015

USC SL Gateway

Lead Designer/Project Manager, Spring 2008-Fall 2009


UX / Content Designer, 2018

Design Thinking for Health

UX Designer (concept / prototypes), 2018-2019

The PTSD Toolkit for Nurses

Content Designer, 2013-2014